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An air purifier is a small unit that removes contaminants in the air around a house or room to improve indoor air health. These units are also commonly sold as being good for asthmatics and allergy sufferers, and in reducing or even completely eliminating second-hand cigarette smoke.

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Air filters used in air purifiers are designed to trap dust mites and bacteria, as well as other airborne pollutants. They may be placed near or directly on to the air ducts. Many air filters also attach to a central unit that has an air compressor, a blower, a humidifier and a dehumidifier.

An air filter should always be replaced every two to three years. This will help to ensure that no impurities are left behind. Air purifiers that have a carbon filter attached to the blower can be used in both an enclosed and an open area. A ductless purifier is usually a better choice in areas where there is poor ventilation.

It is very important to remove all the dust and pet dander from an air filter before using it again. Dust and pet dander are the main sources of impurities that can lodge in the tiny pores that surround the filter and clog them up. These impurities can cause bad odors and allergies.

Air purifiers are used in homes to control a variety of allergens, like dust mites and pet dander, and other pollutants. But, some air purifiers are also used for removing certain types of bacteria and fungi, which have been proven to be toxic to people who are allergic to mold.

Purifiers also help reduce the humidity levels in the home. They are often equipped with a humidifier, which is designed to add humidity to a room or apartment, allowing the skin to breath easier.

Some purifiers may also be used to combat dust mites and other allergens in carpets. There are models that will provide a humidifier for your bedroom and an air dehumidifier in the living area to provide a dry air environment in the room.

Air filters are not necessary in some rooms. These areas are often free of dust mites and bacteria because they are dry and ventilated. However, they should still be cleaned and disinfected before using them again.

Another consideration that should be taken when buying an air purifier is the amount of power and the size of the area that will be serviced. There are models that will have to be hooked up to an electricity source. In some cases, a gas line may also be used. If the power supply is not an issue for your needs, however, a battery-powered model will work just as well.