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What are dental implants anyway? Dental Implants are custom made artificial teeth that look just like your real natural teeth. Dental Implants are also commonly considered as the best possible way to replace your damaged teeth. In simple words dental Implants will provide your toothless smile a better look.

dental implant extraction

If you want to know whether to go for dental implants or not, first you need to make a visit to the cosmetic dentist. If you are in the state where cosmetic dentist is not allowed to perform any kind of surgery on people with missing teeth, then you should be happy to know that you can have your dentures removed and replaced with dental implants after making the necessary consultation. You might also be asked to give a complete medical history of yourself so that your cosmetic dentist will know whether you are a good candidate for cosmetic dental surgery. After getting the required health information, your cosmetic dentist will start preparing your teeth by taking impressions of them.

Once all the required health information is ready and your cosmetic dentist starts to prepare your teeth for dental implant, it will be time to select the material for the dental implant. As it has to be fitted on your existing tooth, you will have to choose the tooth-colored implant that looks the most similar to your natural tooth. Since it will be attached to the root of your jawbone, the best possible material for a dental implant is gold. If your budget allows, you should also consider getting the porcelain teeth implants. Porcelain implants will not only look the most similar to your natural tooth, but it will also work well in providing proper support to your new dental implant.

When you select the dental implant, your cosmetic dentist will proceed to prepare your jawbone for implantation. He will be putting a filling on your jawbone, which will hold the dental implant in place. This filling will also help in providing the best possible support to your dental implant. Once this is done, your cosmetic dentist will apply metal caps to the remaining areas of your jawbone to prevent any kind of leakage from happening. You will now need to follow the required oral hygiene routines so as to ensure proper maintenance of your implants.

It is important to keep in mind that once you have selected the right dental implant for your needs, there are few things that you need to do before you extract your dentures and replace them with dental implant. It is also important to follow the post-surgical care instructions given by your cosmetic dentist so as to avoid any complications from occurring in your case of dental implant extraction. Remember that if you are taking sedatives to relieve pain, you should refrain from eating sweet food and drinking too much water.

If you are going to have the cosmetic procedure performed, be sure to inform your cosmetic dentist about any medications that you are taking because they may need to be stopped before you perform any dental implant extraction. Do not let your dental implant remain inside your mouth for more than 12 hours. Never attempt to take oral care while you are undergoing dental implant removal.