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A study shows that a significant percentage of the corporate world are increasingly looking towards these well well-reputed pharmaceutical companies for their financial security. A large portion of the Pharma industry is either owned by the smaller corporations or are now bought by international corporations.

The reason for this is simply the increasing capability of these pharmaceutical companies to deliver low-priced drugs and medicines to the people at a reasonable price. This means that the corporate world can also become their customers. And with the business being led by the different international companies, it becomes easy for the global pharmaceutical companies to offer the lowest prices possible.

As far as the financial deals are concerned, it seems that the big multinationals like GSK, Johnson & Johnson, Novartis, and Pfizer are soon going to become the new trend in pharmaceutical companies. At present, there are several other well-reputed companies in the pharmaceutical industry that are faring well too. For example, Genzyme, Ortho Biotech, Qsymia, iVeral, and Massgenics are some of the more well-reputed pharmaceutical companies. A lot of the top 5-Pharma companies are owned by the smaller corporations.

Another reason why these pharmaceutical companies are going to be in the forefront is the continuous rise in demand for their medicines. Despite the uncertainties caused by the US economy, the pharmaceutical company has not given up all its profits. However, it is said that more than half of the profits of the big companies has been lost due to the downward trend in the economy. Thus, a lot of the companies are now looking towards the newly established international companies to supply the medicines.

Moreover, the recent IT boom has helped these big Pharma companies by increasing their revenues and their market share. Thus, when the public health remains at a minimum, these companies are going to become the leading players in the pharmaceutical industry.

In the near future, the big companies are going to use their huge power to offer medicines at extremely low prices and to ensure that the patients in the developing countries get access to the medicines, they are going to promote the use of generic medicines. This is the reason why a considerable portion of the leading pharmaceutical companies are becoming aware of the emergence of generic medicines.

As the competition increases, it seems that the big multinational companies are likely to establish themselves in the top five well-reputed pharmaceutical companies. As per the reports, these pharmaceutical companies have increased their sales by over $200 billion in last three years.