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RSM is a leading international business consulting and management consulting firm that has been serving clients for over thirty years. Most of the RSM Company in Thailand’s projects are completed in less than one year, as they focus on achieving results in the shortest possible time. It is a leading firm in its industry. These projects are designed to solve customer problems in every field, including financial, product and service, service and customer support, customer relations, sales management, infrastructure and others.

A lot of RSM consultants from Thailand started their career at the Thai Association of International Trade and Consultancy Company, which was founded in 1985. Since then, RSM has evolved into a full-fledged business consulting firm. Its products are used in all parts of the world, such as Asia, Europe, United States, Canada, Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

RSM company in Thailand

The firm has offices in Bangkok, Phuket, Pailin, Sukhothai, Hua Hin, Bangkok, Nakhon Pathom, and Bangkok. There are over 2020 employees from Thailand in the RSM consulting firm Thailand office, and these professionals have specialized in providing comprehensive and unique solutions for various clients across different industries, from transportation, insurance, electronics, finance, architecture, education, environment, tourism, construction, and healthcare. They are highly trained to implement solutions quickly, with maximum effectivity.

RSM in Thailand is committed to excellence and quality, and strives to provide the highest quality services to its clients. Their services include – asset management, effective leadership, CX, service engagement, financial management, technical assistance, risk management, business restructuring, execution and project delivery, financial planning, training, and multilingual support. They work closely with their clients and take the necessary steps to achieve high performance. Their clients include private and public companies, government organizations, educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, private individual and corporate individuals, and nonprofit and social enterprises.

At RSM consulting firm in Thailand, it provides the following services: Client management, business improvement, and skill development training. Training in accounting, business law, engineering, medical technology, information technology, financial management, financial analysis, marketing, and general management is offered. Other consultancy services include staff development and talent acquisition, tax management, international management consulting, market segmentation, global business management, training and education, strategic planning, public sector strategy and implementation, organizational restructuring, etc.

Many Thai and foreign companies use RSM’s services to implement and achieve their growth strategies. Most of the multinational corporations have been employing the RSM services in various sectors such as, finance, international business, and IT/Finance.

There are a number of certifications that the RSM in Thailand professionals are awarded. These include: A-ISMI (Associate of Applied Science in Management) and AIMA (Applied Manufacturing Management). The core values of the RSM consultancy firm are integrity, communication, creativity, innovation, time management, innovation, teamwork, and service.

Since the time when it was founded, RSM has been one of the leading companies in Thailand. It has maintained its position by introducing its own characteristic attributes to its clients and partners.

The firm strives to deliver its clients quality services that are designed to resolve the issues related to supply chain management, service implementation, training, personnel management, technical assistance, IT, IT systems, contract administration, procurement, public sector management, human resource management, customer service, customer research, etc. Through consulting, the firm seeks ways to achieve cost-effective and timely solutions to improve efficiency, deliver value, and better the performance of the firm.

The RSM consultants work together with client teams to promote and implement services that improve profitability and result. With a stronger and more dynamic culture, the RSM consultants will continuously strive to deliver high quality solutions that are designed to solve problems, create success, generate shareholder value, and focus on the future of the firm. In short, a global brand of excellence in the global industry.

With its above-mentioned benefits, it has become a major player in the Asian Development and globalization industry. With its considerable experience and experienced teams, it offers clients a range of unique consulting solutions that will help them reach their goals.