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Shirley Ebenstein was born to an Episcopalian family in Northwest Florida. Her maternal grandfather was a well-known real estate developer. As a child, her world view centered on the rich and famous, so she would later become a passionate philanthropist. She was raised as a Catholic and attended grade school in a Roman Catholic church. Shirley Ebenstein is listed as having two younger sisters.

Shirley Ebenstein was a bright student who excelled in mathematics and science. According to one biographer, Shirley excelled as a student because “she had a natural talent for mathematics.” This gifted youngster went on to win a scholarship to the University of Michigan, studied law and earned a degree in philosophy.

Shirley EBenstein  Mother of Douglas Ebenstein
Shirley EBenstein – Mother of Douglas Ebenstein

During the years of her studies, Shirley Ebenstein did much to give back to the community. She served as an active member of the Delta fraternity and became a trustee of the Northwest Florida Historical Society. Also, as a single mother, she took an active part in local politics and ran for the seat of a judge in a court of superior court – a position she won. Judge Shirley Ebenstein never gave up her passion for public service and was eventually appointed by President Calvin Coolidge to the bench.

When her husband died in World War II, Shirley Ebenstein took on the responsibility of caring for her young son, Albert. Her mother told Shirley that her mother always felt that her mother would be taken care of in any way possible after her death – that this was what made her feel she was important. Her courage and commitment stood her in good stead throughout her life. Through hard times, Shirley Ebenstein never lost faith in her mother’s care.

Shirley Ebenstein is a strong believer in the dignity of every person, of every family, and of each family’s place in society. She has always felt that her mother raised her to be an educated, responsible, and empathetic person. As an adult, Shirley Ebenstein has worked hard to give back to the community. She serves on the board of the Northwest Florida Legal Services Organization and has also served on the boards of the Alzheimer’s Association and on the board of the Lions Club. She currently serves on the advisory committee for the Alzheimer’s Disease Education Fund.

Shirley Ebenstein is well known for her many children. She has produced several movies and has written numerous books, including a children’s book about her life. Her first novel, A Time to Grow Rich, was optioned by Disney and has since been made into a motion picture. Additionally, her other novels have been turned into successful motion pictures as well.

Shirley Ebenstein was born in Flushing, New York City. Her family was wealthy, but her father was not. After her parents divorced, Shirley moved with her mother to Ohio, where her mother became very ill and passed away. Shirley was very much like her mother in that she was very concerned with her future and what she wanted to do with her life. She enrolled in the college of the University of Toledo, where she graduated in economics.

While in college, Shirley Ebenstein earned a master’s degree in education. While at the University of Michigan, she met her future husband, Bernard Greenspan, who happened to be a student there. They married in June of 1970. Now they have two daughters, Liesl and Lisa, and a son, Michael.