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Most hotels have a specific program that aims to improve a hotel’s wellness hospitality. This is a multifaceted program that includes a wide range of staff development and up-to-date work practices that promote and maintain an optimal level of health in the service provided. In today’s competitive hotel industry, health is something of great importance.

improve a hotels wellness hospitality

Relative to the increasing popularity of yoga as a therapeutic exercise, it is worth noting that it is also considered by some to be a very enjoyable form of exercise. While it may not have all the rigorous physicality of regular aerobic training, yoga has a deep commitment to balance, which can benefit any customer, whether young or old. One of the most popular yoga techniques is known as AUMA (Ashtanga Universal Yoga), which emphasizes the need for proper breathing.

In AUMA, breathing exercises are central to the system of yoga. Basically, the aim is to keep the body in good physical condition, while controlling the stress response. The exercises are set in sequence, with each sequence in a different sequence of poses. As you learn the sequence, you focus on maintaining the correct breathing techniques, thus regulating your breathing and the rate of your heart rate.

One of the central exercises in the Ultimate Universal Yoga is ‘Aumasi’ (Marichyasana). As you rise into this pose, imagine that a stream of clear water is rushing through your body. Once you’re fully awake and relaxed, you may experience a gentle tingling sensation throughout your body.

When the practice of yoga begins to reach a point where you feel absolute comfort and ease, then you should be ready to move onto more advanced positions like “Vande Mataram” (Warrior Pose) and “Prajna” (Prayer Pose). Once you can accomplish a comfortable breathing pattern while staying in these positions, you can move on to the more difficult poses.

What you should remember is that the poses will test your endurance, stability, and flexibility, especially if you’re wearing a business suit and tie. However, the benefits are worth it!

Apart from the benefits for your health, one of the important elements in holistic health improvement is to give special attention to your financial aspect. The National Association of Hotels and Motels is currently undertaking a study to determine the effect of wellness hospitality training on the profitability of individual establishments.

To give further incentive, several hotels are now implementing their wellness hospitality staff training into their recruitment practices. Some already include yoga as part of their overall hospitality program, which is a great step towards reducing health related costs for clients. But, many others are now considering offering yoga as a part of their overall wellness program to encourage greater productivity from their staff.

One other consideration for your hotel is to consult with a healthcare specialist, who will evaluate your staff’s fitness and assess their ability to do their job effectively. You should not exclude other health related matters like diet and smoking habits.

Whether you choose to undertake it yourself or with the help of a qualified hotel management consultant, there are a number of things you should consider when improving a hotel’s wellness hospitality. Make sure you outline the recommendations carefully with your healthcare consultant.

Remember that a trip to the hospital could be all too possible if you are unfit and ill. Hence, make it a point to focus on your overall health by taking care of yourself, first and foremost!