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If you are looking for Norm Ebenstein information about the company that he owns and operates, you will not have a difficult time finding it. Just type ‘Norm Ebenstein’ into any search engine and you will get many hits. However, do not be deceived by these hits as there are more companies in the same position as Norman Ebenstein. It is quite surprising really.

The question then becomes what is Norman Ebenstein all about? He started his career as a commercial real estate agent after college. But in his words, he was not happy as he struggled to find prospects. Later on he decided to establish his own company and that was how he got his name.

Norman Norm Ebenstein  Heritage
Norman ‘Norm’ Ebenstein – Heritage

Now Norman is all about service and giving back to the community and supporting various nonprofits. Since he started this venture, his company has grown tremendously and is now involved in different projects all over the United States. One of the projects that he is very proud of is providing services to elderly and disabled in Chicago. His services cover a wide range of activities including cleaning homes and providing housekeeping, laundry and food preparation.

As a philanthropist, Norman has tried his hand at many charitable activities and he is very passionate about them. As part of his work with Heritage Home Care Services, he helps to equip the facility with modern equipment. This ensures that the residents of Heritage Homes are comfortable and they lead a normal life.

Norman Ebenstein does not own a business. He started this company in 1974. It is a non-profit company that gives back to the community. The employees are volunteers and they do not get any benefit unless the company makes a profit. Norman started this company with just two staff members. Today, he has more than 30 employees who work hard to serve the community.

Norman has gone through several difficulties and has emerged successful. He has overcome the challenge by maintaining a good relationship with the local officials and local businesses. Many local businesses appreciate the kind support and help given by Norm Ebenstein – Heritage. They help the company to improve their service quality and extend their help and support to various charitable organizations.

As a business owner, Norman has faced criticisms from different quarters. Some critics say that they have been less efficient than the company that he started with. However, Norm has always remained firm with his statement that he will try his best until he succeeds. One of the reasons why he has faced criticism is because he has not been focusing on his core business. Another reason why they have not been able to achieve success is because they have not provided consistent leadership.

Norm continues to work hard for the Heritage group. He believes that providing great service is more important than making a profit. His dedication to his business as well as his dedicated employees have resulted in great success for the Heritage group. Now, even old age is not going to interfere with Norm Ebenstein – Heritage’s goal of providing a world-class service to the communities.

In the early years of his business career, Norm started his career as an engineer but soon got interested in philanthropy. He joined the staff of the Ford Motor Company as a mechanical engineer. Later, he went to work with the Peace Corps in Central America. There he developed a passion for helping children. It was then that he decided to establish Heritage.

Norman’s great passion for philanthropy compelled him to establish Heritage International. He had many volunteers who gave up their valuable time to help build homes and schools for the poor and underprivileged. In fact, the staff and volunteers have been credited for saving many lives during the relief effort in the Fall of Katrina. Norman’s team even helped to build a school in the rubble of a devastated town.

Since then, Norman has become known as an excellent philanthropist. He has built many schools and orphanages. He has also set up many scholarships to help needy students. As a result of all this, Heritage has become a very powerful organization. Many celebrities and politicians are supporting Heritage. This is helping to spread the word about Norman Ebenstein and Heritage International.

Norman has inspired many people. He is an example to many people to overcome obstacles and focusing on the future. He has inspired millions of people around the world to give back. Now, when people hear about Norm Ebenstein – Heritage they understand what he stands for and how it can make a difference in their lives.