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McDonough Arts is an offshoot of the Art Institute of Pittsburgh located in the Pittsburgh area. This is where they are not only offering classes in painting and sculpture, but they are also selling paintings and sculptures in their various stores. The art shop on Clair Road in Pittsburgh offers more than just paintings and sculptures. They are also selling popcorn. There are over ten locations, all of which are open for business every Saturday morning from eleven a.m. until two p.m.

McDonough Arts fund raiser

Popcorn, though it may not sound like the type of fundraising idea that would appeal to those who are dedicated to art enthusiasts, is actually something that can be raised for art related activities. Popcorn sale to raise money for art supplies and other arts related events is one way that the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and its partners are able to sustain its programs. These events include art walks and gallery shows and of course the pop-up art gallery in the South Side of Pittsburgh. In this section of Pittsburgh, they have been selling popcorn to raise money for art since 2021. The proceeds go towards benefiting the fine arts programs at the Art Institute.

In this article we will take a look at what goes behind the selling of popcorn and the benefits of this fundraiser for the schools in Pittsburgh and the surrounding areas. Schools benefit from selling these tasty snacks. Popcorn is not only good for you but is good for the environment as it burns less fuel than sugarcane and vegetable oil. It is made with less fat, salt and sugar than regular popcorn. When selling it, the popcorn business owner or co-op raises funds for their favorite causes and serves up delicious flavors along with the pop.

Schools in Pittsburgh receive grants from the state and from the schools themselves for various reasons. The schools can use the funds to purchase art materials or they can also use it to attract prospective students. With the help of the co-op the schools raise the funds to provide programs for students interested in art such as art camps, drama classes and art classes for children. The proceeds from the sales go towards the programs. One of the most popular programs that the co-op raises funds for is the Art in the Schools Program.

The Art in the Schools program allows students to grow professionally as artists by creating original artistic pieces in a stipend. The co-op also provides the schools with a sales force to market the art products. The proceeds from the sale go towards the program. Each student involved in the Art in the Schools program grows individually as an artist while gaining valuable exposure and appreciation in the process.

Another popular program offered by the McDonough Arts Fund Raiser is the Pop Up Shop. This fundraiser is very similar to the Art in the Schools program but uses the money raised from the co-op for a much larger cause. This cause is the promotion of arts awareness and education. Each month the funds raised will be used to give away ten tickets to local theaters and music venues. Artists will sell the tickets for profit. The proceeds are then donated to the McDonough Arts Association to be used to promote arts and culture in the community.

Many other artist-owned organizations throughout Alleghenay offer similar programs and raising funds in the process. Artists who sell their art in the open will be paid a portion of the proceeds when a successful fundraiser is raised. Artists who sell art works exclusively through the internet will not be paid any portion of the sale proceeds.

The McDonough Arts Fund Raiser offers many benefits to both artist and the patrons of the arts. Artists can raise the funds they need to purchase or develop new art works and the patrons of the arts get to experience art at every stage of its creation. This type of fundraiser works for both artistic development and financial abundance.