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A tow truck is often needed to help move an individual, vehicle, or piece of property that is not being towed personally by another vehicle. Towing services are a popular choice for towing because they are convenient and usually inexpensive. There are different types of towing trucks to choose from including, flatbed, pick-up truck, enclosed and open towing. When towing an automobile, the customer should ensure that they are using a reputable company to ensure that towing in Maple ridge is safe and cost efficient.

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There are several different types of towing. The type of towing will depend on what the vehicle towing is being towing. Sometimes towing is done with a boom truck; sometimes it is with an underline truck. Although both tow truck types have towing equipment, they are usually based in different areas. They also differ in the amount of equipment they have to provide to the towing process.

There are two types of towing trucks to look at when choosing a towing company; the flatbed tow trucks and the boom trucks. Usually, towing companies will offer these two tow trucks to their customers, but they may charge extra for them depending on the size of the vehicles towing. Usually, towing companies will charge the same rate for both flatbed tow trucks and the boom truck towing. There are times that the towing company may offer the flatbed towing for free, depending on the circumstances.

Flatbed towing is when the towing vehicle is to be lifted off the ground with a boom lift. This type of towing has to be done safely because the weight of the vehicle can cause damage to the ground. On the other hand, if towing was to be done with a towing truck with a flat bed, there is a chance of causing injury or damage to another person or to any property. When towing with a flatbed towing is usually more expensive, especially when towing heavy duty vehicles.

The other type of towing is towing with a recovery vehicle, also known as a winch recovery vehicle. Recovery vehicles have a hook on the front to which the vehicle is towed; however, the weight of the vehicle towing is not that much. Most of the time, towing with a recovery vehicle is done with a winch. However, there are times that the towing with a recovery vehicle requires a tow truck; especially if the towing vehicle is carrying an oversized weight.

With regards to the towing rates, towing with a boom truck towing is usually the most cost-effective towing option. A towing rate with a boom truck depends on the towing distance and the towing vehicle type. It is best to contact an auto insurance company to get the best towing rates. Auto insurance companies will be able to give you the best rates based on the type of towing involved.