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The first time I heard about Walter Soriano, he was a guest on Fox News. He was discussing the need for an investigative committee, which President Obama has made clear is a top priority. However, a few months later the President was asked if he will appoint an investigative committee and whether or not they will investigate Fusion GPS, a firm that commissioned a report from British spy Christopher Steele. The president’s answer was ambiguous, but at the very least indicated that the president is interested in finding out who Fusion GPS is working for (

The first major news reports that caught my eye were from a June 5th column by Natasha Bertrand reporting on a June 8th subpoena from the House Intelligence Committee requesting that Soriano turn over any memos, emails, phone calls, or meetings he may have had with Fusion GPS. The committee also requested documents with former Russia probe personalities going back as far as June 2020.

While this subpoena from the House Intelligence Committee and Walter Soriano’s Fox News appearance were newsworthy, they do not help to establish whether or not Soriano’s firm is working for President Obama or for the Democrats in the House of Representatives. I am assuming that the Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee are investigating Fusion GPS because of their recent report. I would expect that if Soriano’s firm is working for the Democrats that it would include them in the investigation. In fact, if it is the Democrats, then the Democrats’ investigation of Fusion GPS will be much more credible, especially if they turn up anything that links Fusion GPS to the Russians.

The second story that caught my eye was a report from CNN that quoted former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey says that “I do believe there is smoke, there is some evidence that there is fire,” but he added, “We just don’t know which way the winds are blowing.” If a former Attorney General is saying that he is not sure if the investigations into Fusion GPS, former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort, and others are being conducted, and then a reporter from a prominent news network says that “the investigations into Manafort and Fusion GPS are ongoing,” then you can assume that the investigations are both active. but that there are still unknowns.

The bottom line is that if we want to know if we are paying for a private security team or private investigators, then we should know where we are hiring them from. If the Democrats are conducting a full-blown investigation of Fusion GPS, I would hope that they turn up something that ties Fusion GPS to Russian connections and ties to Russia. If the Democrats want to conduct a limited investigation, maybe they should find a former FBI Director who was fired, but I would bet that it will not include anyone associated with the Clinton campaign.